Monday, September 1, 2008

Alaska siting - yes, there are labyrinths there too.

I spent this last week with my lectionary group at the Shrine of St. Therese of Lisieux near Juneau, Alaska.  We shared papers on lectionary scriptures for next year's texts, went out whale watching, and did a little fishing.  On the grounds there was this 11-circuit Chartres labyrinth made of stone and gravel.  At each of the turns there were local plants, and a large stone in the middle where people have left symbols of prayers.  The labyrinth is built into the side of the hill with large retaining stones that are perfect for sitting.  And, of course, there are roses all around, a symbol of the presence and prayers of St. Therese.  

It can be a little hard to walk when the stones are above ground, like in this labyrinth.  It is still possible to walk such labyrinths with others, but it makes it harder to pass one another.  Metaphorically, what obstacles to we find on life's journey of faith?  Do we wait for others to make their way before us?  Do we feel constrained by the path, or do we experience the freedom of venturing off the path on our way to Christ's presence in the middle?  What do we take away from such an experience with us back into the world? 

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