Saturday, July 26, 2008

AIDS Walk San Francisco

Marcus Jung, Will McGarvey, Bruce Reyes-Chow

It amazes me that 25,000 people helped raise over $4.5 million dollars.  While many people were at worship in churches around the Bay Area, others were walking and praying for a cure to a disease that continues to ravish people all around the world.  Almost three decades after the first victims of AIDS were targeted and excluded from the church, today even Evangelical Christians in America are working to end this terrible disease around the world.  While in Seminary, I remember organizing my congregation in creating home health care kits to send to southern Africa.  People went shopping for rubber gloves, bandages, gauze, scissors, and bedsheets, and we mailed them in large boxes to our Presbyterian partners.  With the increasing number of AIDS orphans, the families and villages that have been devastated, and the those here in the U.S. who continue to live with the effects of the virus, let us continue to pray, and walk, and heal.

This year, about the same number of Presbyterians joined in the walk.  The Episcopalians raised $19,000, the Lutherans raised $16,000, and the Catholics raised $13,000.  Next year, lets send teams from every congregation in the Presbytery, and see if we can catch up with our brothers and sisters in raising money for a cure.  Then more of us will be able to participate in the great hospitality offered by Mission Bay's community! 

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