Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Labyrinths I have helped build:

This seven-circuit modified Chartres style labyrinth is on Geneva Terrace at San Francisco Theological Seminary.  We tested a version of this labyrinth in chalk during holy week when I was a chaplain's assistant at SFTS.  A classmate suggested turning the entrance toward the mountains and it has made all the difference in the walking experience.  I drew this labyrinth, which was then created with an acrylic Portland cement applied by Rob Cowger, and then sealed to protect it from the sun and rain.  The acrylic cement bonded with the regular cement, and even exhibits the same pattern of cracking with the cement underneath.  The purple color today is closer to gray, perhaps because it hasn't been sealed as often as it needs, but it is still the most accessible labyrinth on campus.

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