Saturday, October 3, 2009

Open Canon - Deb Matthews suggests Ragman by Walter Wangerin, Jr. Book Description (ISBN 0060692294, Paperback)

"In a little while, when the sky showed grey behind the rooftops and I could see the shredded curtains hanging out black windows, the Rgaman came upon a girl whose haed was wrapped in a bandage, whose eyes were empty. Blood soaked her bandage. A single line of blood ran down her check.
Now the tall Ragman looked upon this child with pity, and he drew a lovely yellow bonnet from his cart.
'Give me your rag,'he said, tracing his own line on her cheek, 'and I'll give you mine.'"The stories, meditations and allegories in Ragman together explore the power and meaning of love within an often inhumane urban landscape. Walter Wangerin's vivid depictions touch our deepest pains with rays of joyful healing.

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Dale said...

Check the new film version of "Ragman" making the film festival circuit.