Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Open Canon - not just what Dr. King would do - but what we are called to do.

Open Canon - Rev. Lee points out that we are called to be on the side of right.

Discerning "right" is a hard thing to do, and can get messy within a community that has differing values. While Rev. Lee believes Dr. King would do the right thing by opposing Prop 8 - he doesn't mention that one of Dr. King's closest advisors was Bayard Rustin. While Rustin was openly gay at a time when that was almost unheard of, the enemies of the civil rights movement – especially Strom Thurmond – used Rustin’s homosexuality as a weapon against Dr. King, and Rustin was forced into a background role to help save the movement.

The question remains: What are you are called to do? What in the world is worth standing up for, even at the cost of your livelihood?

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